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Egyptian Constitution and Egypt’s Identity.

The ongoing democratisering process in Egypt has imposed extensive discussion on Egypt’s identity and how to deal with it in the framework of the Egyptian constitution, which is currently under revision. Citizenship denotes the link between a person and a state, or an association of states, and thereby there must exist articles in the constitution that clearly define the social, cultural and political components of the “citizenship”. Liberals and muslims have long-standing discussions about the role of religion in Egypt’s identity. Liberals for example claim that ” “monotheistic religions” and “protecting religion” are outworn excuses that only aim to impose control over society one way or another. Egypt has had its identity before Article 219 which Yasser Bahrami talks about. Egypt has had its identity before Article 2 of the constitution was added by Anwar al-Sadat in 1971. Religion is more sacred than Sadat and Barhami’s additions. God does not await articles in a constitution to protect his religion.” Nevertheless, in the Egyptian constitution, Egypt’s identity is defined under the monotheistic umbrella.

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