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Democracy in Africa – When, Where and How?

Colonialist convinced once colonized African nations that democracy was the way, but who truly determines the definition of democracy and how did it appear in Africa?


The History and Evolution of Global Poverty.

Poverty did not develop over-night. It is a non-sustainable pile-up of inequalities
in a history driven by fear to become poor and managed by the rich for the rich.

Africa – Would Solving Poverty Lead to More Poverty?

How would new Africa look like? Africa is not the poorest continent on earth. Though there is poverty and hunger in Africa, it has a huge capital of natural resources, enough to provide sustainable socio-economic growth if properly managed. Trading Africa’s natural resources against its poverty and hunger is a short-sighted strategy. It would in the long-run lead to more poverty and hunger.

History of World Population

At the onset of the ancient Egyptian civilization the world population was somewhat more than 15 million people, i.e. the current population of the Netherlands only or fifth of the current of population of Egypt today. Ancient Egyptians had therefore enough natural resources to create a civilization on their own and within their boundaries. So, peak population had passed very long time ago!

How Would Our Planet Look Like If We Keep Ignoring The Waste?

When the waste on our planet keeps piling up, in air, water and land, the only choice left is to breath it, drink it and eat it up. We can’t run away from it! http://m.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2012/09/worst-polluted-playgrounds-world/3395/

The Chinese Need to Clean-up Is A Major Challenge

Everywhere on our planet, waste management is of major concern. Life quality is very much related to successful waste-management policies. Reducing, Collecting, Sorting, Processing and Re-cycling of human and industrial waste is becoming a major industry. But do we have proper scientific and technology approaches for such vital and important industry. Waste problems have costed humans dacades, if not centuries, to understand the enormous threats of waste and pollutions that have degraded all forms of life qualities of earth.

Suffering Without Limits

Unusual weather conditions has maximized the suffering of civilians in Syria and millions of refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and elsewhere. The severe conditions of war and weather combined with minimal humanitarian help changed the region to a new Death Valley.